How to Plan a Sunflower Wedding the Easy Way

Published: 16th March 2011
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The best way to plan a sunflower wedding?

Begin by not planning

You may find this hard to believe but the most suitable way to start planning a sunflower wedding is by not planning. In a dream world wouldnít you merely like to skip all the planning details and go proper to the day of your wedding and just have fun.

That basically is the best way to start. Bypass the maze of detailed planning and crystallize your dream wedding. No finances, no discussions with the family, and just paint the picture of your wedding.

How you gonna do that?

Simple, clear the deck on your kitchen table, grab some glossy magazines on travel, celebrity news, design, fashion, and shopping catalogs and start tearing out pages. If nothing else youíll get some good wrist exercises in. Donít analyze just look and tear.

Once you get a nice pile normal then you can sort a little by four general categories:

Decorations Dresses Print Designs Colors

These four catagories provide you with some nice buckets to fill for a week. Donít sweat the big or small stuff right there early stage enjoy the dreaming.

Now youíre ready for some cruising on the net for ideas. Youíve already found the best first stop here. Where we do the cruising for you zeroing in on a Sunflower Wedding theme ideas. Here we arenít biased on any exclusive company, style, or style. Weíre just interested in fun, cute, pretty, unique and easy. You can find out more to do with any item you see her by clicking the link on the photo or name in the post.

Donít forget to start a different folder in your Bookmark area on your web browser to keep you great finds.

Now back those buckets that are packed with juicy things. Take the stack of Decoration images and search for a pattern in colors and shapes that show this likes. Toss out anything else no need to confuse you now. Same with the Dresses, Print Designs, and Colors. You will start taking note of a color palette and design pattern appear that will guide you through the planning. Lay a large photo of some sunflowers in the middle of your table so you see how colors go with or donít along with your key design.

Additionally, you will find more great sunflower wedding ideas that we have found while planning my daughters wedding. We save you all the time hunting for unique sunflower wedding gifts, decorations, and great finds.

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